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While my wife isn't nearly as much of a beer drinker as I am, she does enjoy beer every so often. She will at least try the beer I brew as long as its not a stout or porter(fair enough). There was a time several years ago that we would watch the Sabres, which by the way, is a passion that we both share, and drink Molson Canadian by the box-full. She has developed a taste for wine in recent years and I support her on that going along with her on wine tours to the many wineries that we are fortunate enough to have within a couple hours drive.
I do use the term SWMBO here but it is most definitely tongue-in-cheek. It is easier than typing the old ball and chain...
Originally Posted by MyNameIsPaul View Post
We make beer in buckets with toilet parts and coolers.

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I know that SWMBO and HWMO are tongue-in-check acronyms. We have a saying in our house, though- "If mama ain't happy, ain't NObody happy!" The kids and Bob know that if I'm unhappy about something they are doing, they should probably cease and desist! Still, that doesn't make me the boss- I am in a complete partnership in my marriage. I spent money on my hobbies only with approval from Bob- he also only spends money on his hobbies with my ok. If I spent every weekend brewing, he would probably be unhappy with me. So, I try to brew when he's not home or already busy. That way, I'm not taking away family time for my hobby.

I think it's true that more men than women like beer. Maybe it's the bitterness in it, or maybe it's cultural where we're supposed to like girly drinks. Still, I'm the primary beer drinker in my home. I make "lighter" beers like ambers and lagers for my husband, and I prefer IPAs and big strong flavored beers.
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Sounds like you really just hate your buddy's SWMBO.

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I hate make-up!

A little is okay but, most tend to take it to the point of a total re-finishing.

So, by this logic are you suggesting that I should boot the wife because she decides to put Almay on everyday?

That is some fuzzy logic my friend.

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This thread is borderline amusing.
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Originally Posted by Glibbidy View Post
Personally, I think She Who Must Be Obeyed is a silly term. I never use it, and consider it condescending. . As for my partner and me. She absolutely adores beer. She believes that I brew better beer then our local brewery. Besides it also saves me money by brewing my own.
I am the same way... I have a "wife" not a "SWMBO" because we're equals, best friends, tigers in the sack, and all that other mushy stuff. She's in her second year of residency (80 hours a week minimum) so I needed a hobby. She bought my equipment kit for me. I am her rock, her support, the person she relies on, so yeah she realizes that I need an outlet, a hobby, something to keep busy with when she's not around.

Originally Posted by Melana View Post
I can't argee with this more. to the OP: Just be happy that she's not YOUR SWMBO and steer clear of beer conversation.
Amen. She's shown her true colors and thank god she's someone else's nightmare!

Originally Posted by jfrizzell View Post
Sounds like you really just hate your buddy's SWMBO.
Nothing wrong with that! Best thing for you to do is to lure your buddy to the Dark Side and get him to brew too!

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Women argue for the sake of an argument. Simple as that.
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Originally Posted by Taipans View Post
Women argue for the sake of an argument. Simple as that.
That's a rather ignorant stereotype. I'm sure some women do, and other do it for attention, but not all.
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I'm not sure what's more sexist - the fact that you are assuming that these men have married women who don't like beer, that you are assuming that by far most of these brewers are, in fact, men, OR that you are extending your knowledge of your friend's wife to all other women, thereby stereotyping all women as being shrewish, unsupportive harpies, like this "one girl you know".

I think on all counts you will find yourself mistaken. You are clearly the most sexist person on this thread (so far).

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I love it when my wife plays SWMBO.

Oh, and she's totally down with brewing and drinking beer, too.

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