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Feb 2008
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Do the Corona grain mills do a fair job? Or should I save up for a different one?

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Nov 2007
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save and get either Barley Crusher or Monster mill no question
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Feb 2007
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I have a corona mill. It's fine for crushing steeping grains and even for a few pounds of grain for a partial mash, but it's way too inconsistent for all grain batches. I'm getting a Barleycrusher very soon.
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Jul 2006
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I had a corona mill for a while, but it was very tempermental.

Eventually I also went with a Barley Crusher (review) a few years back and I'm very happy with it.


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Jan 2007
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Originally Posted by MikeFlynn74
save and get either Barley Crusher or Monster mill no question
Spoken like someone that has never seriously tried a Corona, I am guessing???

Corona mills (and the knock-offs) work fine. They are temperamental to get adjusted, but once you figure them out they do a good job. There are even a number of us here that get 80%+ efficiency with them.

You also hear of far more people that had successes with them than failures. See an old thread here:

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Burrowing Owl Brewery
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I consistantly get 78-82% with my $14.95 investment

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mike kennedy
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Nov 2007
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i was going to go that route, but $20 for the mill, and $40 for shipping turned me off.....i opted for the barley crusher........last mill ill use

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Old 04-06-2008, 10:11 PM   #8
boo boo
Jun 2005
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My take on all this is that you should get the best you can afford.

I have a porkert (corona) mill and am happy with what I get from it and have no desire to replace it. Ignorance is bliss in my case.
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I had a Corona mill for several years. It was difficult to adjust, and slow, but it worked. I couldn't get as consistent a crush as I do with my roller mill (JSP) which would have made it more difficult to get consistent efficiency, but in those days I didn't know or worry about efficiency.


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If it were going to cost me $60 to get a Corona, I probably would save my pennies and buy a BC (which you can get shipped for just about twice that).

But, you shouldn't have to spend THAT much for a Corona; keep an eye on eBay, and I know lots of people have upgraded, so I bet there's quite a few collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.
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