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Oct 2007
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Now, I know, when would anyone want to spoil perfectly good apple cider... Anyways, I might want to start making apple vinegar in one gallon batches.

Now, as I understand, I basically follow the same procedure for Apfelwein, which means that I ferment it for about 4 weeks (probably less if I'm pitching at about 5-6 times the normal pitching rate). Then when fermentation is done, I can either just expose it to air (and hope acetobacter comes by) or use "mother of vinegar" (an acetobacter starter) and then let it re "ferment" the ethanol to acetic acid.

I will be using equipment dedicated to vinegar as soon as there is acetobacter close to it to minimize the possibilities of infection, as well as keeping it far from where I normally ferment beer/Apfelwein.

So, does anyone have any tips & tricks, or am I the only one crazy enough to transform perfectly good hard cider to vinegar?
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Yeah I think all you have to do really is expose it and wait. I have 5 gallons of cider that I left in the fridge (yup cold) and kind of forgot about it. The odor is definitely that of vinegar. I am going to wait a bit on it, then just pour it into jugs. The guy at the press said to be careful because the acid level is not like that in the store as it is undiluted.
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I would not do too much at once. Get some Mother of Vinegar, put it in like a gallon jug, cover the top, but leave it open to the air. After a couple months it will taste as great as vinegar can, but be warned that over time it will become VERY acidic! My dad has some red wine vinegar he made thats like ph 1. If you put a undiluted drop on your tongue it nearly burns a hole in it...LOL... Last time I went home he dared me to try some.
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