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"The mexican butcher shops out here are really nice (and cheap) as well but they're usually spicing the meats up with something so you only go there when doing a MX cookout."

Ah, but they are sometimes the only ones who have the cheaper cuts for BBQ (Shoulder, butt, etc.)
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Ah, that's what we share Bernie! I knew I'd figure it out someday. I spent 10 years in the meat business in a gourmet supermarket in Southern California and have seen both really good practices and really bad practices.

You say you've never added coloring to meat? Do you remember Dynamite?

Not accusing, just saying, it was around...

I was a wrapper and wrapped for four Meat Cutters (not butchers, "I" understand!), needless to say, they kept me busy. I also rotated and pulled codes on about 250 feet of cold case.

We would educate the customers on the cuts as well as tell them how to cook them and even offer recipes (meat cutters are GOOD cooks). It was fun and it was great customer service that you are just starting to see again in some areas. There has been a resurgence in this area for going back to basics and there is a nice "local grocery store" that has an old fasioned deli counter and meat department. They have actual meat cutters on staff and it is the only place I'll buy my beef now. Some people have NEVER smelled fresh beef and it's truly sad.

Wow, didn't mean to type so much...I'm out.

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Originally Posted by Spyk'd
There has been a resurgence in this area for going back to basics and there is a nice "local grocery store" that has an old fasioned deli counter and meat department. They have actual meat cutters on staff and it is the only place I'll buy my beef now. Some people have NEVER smelled fresh beef and it's truly sad.

WOW! I dont know of ANY of the supermarkets around here that DONT have a full service deli, meat dept. and fish dept. Every one of them, and I go to 4 diferent ones on a regular basis, will gladly custom cut your meat for you.

I was in one of the smaller ones the other day and needed some ground pork to make Dim Sum and they had none in the display. Their response, No problem, it'll just take a few minutes for them to grind it!

I guess I'm just lucky.

We also have a variety of bucher shps including a Germa butcher that makes all their own Wurst, a Polish butcher who smokes his own Kilbassa!
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My father was a butcher for many years. In Minnesota, it's illegal to sell non FDA inspected meat over the counter, so of COURSE everything in the showcase had the inked stamp on it. It's hard to prove there is ink on meat that has been ground up, or is in sausage, plus we had out own "Secret Stash" of "Good" meat in the freezer that the people that we knew well could purchase. I have to say, that even with state inspectors popping in from time to time, and trying to make the books look good , we still sold at least 85% NON FDA inspected meat.

Just as a side note, you can have sides and quarters of beef hangin, aging and ready for sale even if you don't kill it on site. From time to time, Dad would purchase a side and age it himself in his cooler (mostly just to make all of the beef in the display cases look legit if we did get inspected), adn he would also purchase "Smoked" hams, the inject them, rub them , age them and smoke them properly. The gorcery store across the road had a butcher shop in it as well, and they would brink all of their sausage, bacon and hams over to us to smoke.

I think it was a dying art, but the butcher shops are coming back, jus tlike the microbreweries did. People get tired of the prepackaged **** and decide they want the good stuff again, not just on beer, but in all things I reckon!
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I usually buy entire loin or the whole ribeye so I can cut them to my thickness and flavor them to my liking. We have an actual meat cutter at the local Fred Meyers

I tried rock salt and brown sugar once. Actually a very good flavor
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Originally Posted by orfy

The best ones have meat hanging and maturing. They are the ones to seek out...


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In my ideal world, I'd have a butcher, baker, dairy supplier....etc..

It's funny because a co-worker and I were having this conversation the other day. There are no skilled meat cutters here that I know of. If there were, I would be inclined to give them my business. Especially because there are many cuts/parts that I cannot get anymore.
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