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View Poll Results: Which do you prefer to brew?
Exclusively my own recipes. 34 22.67%
A mix of my own recipes and other's recipes. 96 64.00%
Exclusively recipes from others (mix of clones and non-clones). 19 12.67%
Exclusively other's recipes (no clones). 1 0.67%
Exclusively clone recipes. 0 0%
Voters: 150. You may not vote on this poll

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yes, I brew beers from recipes.

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I voted a mix of mine and others but 98% mine.
I only brew others when it is a beer I have tried that I really like such as the entire catalog of Avery recipes I have I plan on brewing and hopefully succeed in duplicating.

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I've been working on my recipes lately, but used to do recipes when I first started
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I've been brewing other peoples recipes lately. I got bored and other peoples beers are something new. Sometimes you find something that's really good and you can further tailor it to make it your own. I've brewed quite a few of the 5 star rated recipes on here. Most have turned out good, a few were exceptional. I found my new favorite beer that way.

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When I started I brewed only clones or other recipes to learn the ingredients. Now I create my own recipes to my taste which usually pushes "style boundaries" because I want to make something uncommon and memorable.
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Unless I'm doing something unprecedented, which I like to do occasionally, a tried and true recipe for an established style is fine for me. I like to brew good beer, and, for most styles of beer, excellent recipes have been developed over the years. I find that anything more than a trivial change to traditionally developed styles usually disappoints. Doesn't necessarily mean I am rigidly tied to a recipe and take it as I find it, I just don't try to reinvent the wheel when brewing to style.

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All of the above. Kits, other peoples recipes, my own recipes, extract, partial mash, all grain... Beer is good.

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I mostly do my own recipes. I do look at a lot of recipes and may take an established recipe and tweak it to make it what I want sometimes. I do the same with cooking. I look at recipes to get the idea and then modify it to make it more to my taste.

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Aside from a few extract kits at the very start of my brewing obsession I have never followed a recipe. I have made some awesome beers and a couple of stinkers but was learning all the time.
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My procedure is really a combination. I take a recipe and make alterations to suit what I would like to accomplish. That way I am starting from something that should be good and if I don't go too crazy it should still be good. I have been lucky and most of my beers are quite good to great.

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