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I'm planning an upcoming brewday where I want to divide my mash into three separate runnings (of about 1 gallon each), a triple parti-gyle so to speak. The mash would be primarily Pilsner malt, with hometoasted adjuncts of pale malt, amber malt, crystals 10 and 20, and maybe a bit of darker crystal as well. My plan is to take the first gallon of runnings and use it for a barleywine ready for (South American) winter, and the second runnings a table beer of some kind.

My question really is about the third runnings. I'm wondering if instead of pulling off the third runnings right away, can I instead add around a pound of api morado (it's basically just ground up purple hominy) and let the remaining enzymes in the mash convert the starches in the corn to fermentable sugars, and then take the last runnings? This would create, I don't know, a unique pale ale with a reddish tinge.

Really it boils down to this: will there be enough enzymes left over in the mash to convert the corn? If not, can I add some amylase enzyme to do the job?

Here's what api looks like:

People drink it here with hot with cinnamon, like North Americans drink hot chocolate:
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If you do a mash out, then you won't have any enzymes at all. You will have to sparge with too-cool water to avoid denaturing your enzymes, but after three batch sparges, though, I really don't think you're going to have any enzymes to denature. If you have any, my guess is that they're not going to be plentiful or functional enough to convert any more starch.

You may also need to do a cereal mash on the api first to make its starch available for conversion, but I still think you're going to need an alternate source of enzymes. I would just try to do a separate beer for this one.
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I'm thinking you'll have to do a separate cereal mash. I wonder even if it were possible with third runnings if there'd be enough enzymatic activity left in partigyle grain to convert it on it's own.
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If you sparge with sufficiently hot water you will denature all the enzymes in the mash. You would need to add fresh grain with a lot of enzymatic character. You'll also need to do a cereal mash because hominy is just corn nixtamilized. I don't know how that process might change the gelatinization temperature but that's something you would have to look at. I'm not sure how you would keep that stuff from turning into a stuck mash. If you have access to whole purple hominy I'd go that route over the powder to prevent the stuck mash.

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