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Apr 2012
Northern Kentucky
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I am starting my first brew this Sunday at my apartment. My fiancée and I have a huge polydactile black cat, and his hair somehow ends up everywhere. He's an awesome animal, but he loves to be in the kitchen with me when I am cooking or working (which is regularly).

I'm planning to lock him up for the time period of my brew, but I wonder if anyone has best practices for avoiding any lingering cat hair that might be around, or cleaning the stuff up? I can't see it normally but when I sweep the kitchen, I'm usually left with a tiny ball of his hair. We brush him constantly too.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. I'm planning to get up early this Sunday and give my kitchen a scrubdown before I get to brewing, so I'm hoping that takes care of most of it. I figured, a lot of people frequent this forum and surely at least ONE of you has a cat.

Thanks all!

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May 2011
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We call cat hair "garnish" at our house

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shave the cat?

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Jan 2012
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You can shave the just kidding. I am curious what people with pets have to say about this because a buddy of mine i just got into homebrewing is worried about dog hair.
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Originally Posted by remman4 View Post
We call cat hair "garnish" at our house
Yeah, I think you just may have to live with the occasional bit of hair...keep the cat in another room and try to avoid any blowing fans or cross breezes between cooling and pitching/sealing up the carboy...

You could always just call yourself "Catfuzz Brewing"....
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My longhaired cat loves watching me brew, whats the big deal if a few hairs get in? On the hot side I can't see this being an issue at all.

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I have 2 long haired dogs, so I'm familiar with the problem. I brew outside, and yes some hair may get into the kettle. I simply fish them out. I'm more worried about the cold side of things anyways.

I wash my carboy with a pump sprayer, upside down, and once rinsed, I cover it with cling wrap + a rubber band, and they stay that way until they are to be filled.

So from the end of the hose (cold side) to the carboy is where it's critical. While the wort is being transferred from kettle to carboy (via a ball valve, hose, plate chiller, hose), I use a sheet of paper towel that's been dipped completely in sanitizing solution, and I keep it over the neck of carboy while it's filling. Once filled, I put the stopper + airlock on top.

I've never noticed any dog hair in my beers (other than the kettle).

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Jokes aside, I would make sure my bottling bucket is covered when using it if you bottle. I use tinfoil.

Like someone else posted, no issues on the hotside, but don't let anything in while packaging.

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Apr 2012
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Soak the cat with star san? Two fold, cat is now sanitized, and cat is now pissed off and won't want to be near you!!

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