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Howdy everyone, I haven't been too active on HBT for a while and thought I better change that quick! I've been brewing beer still but haven't made any wine in YEARS. And even then I never really got everything to turn out like I wanted... that aside, it's time for round two and I'm in the mood to screw around with some tiny batches of wine/mead.

So to jump to the point, I threw together two 1 gallon batches today and an extra 1 gallon batch Monday evening. Now that I think about it I may have skipped a step or two. Throw me your thoughts/opinions/derogatory comments.

Batch One: 64 oz of Trader Joes black berry juice (is a mixture of grape and blackberry, unfortunately has lots of sediment that I did not notice initially). Added 2 lbs honey and some EC 1118. Water added to hit 1 gallon

Batch Two: 64 oz Welches grape juice (not the pure concord). 2 lbs honey and some EC 1118. Water added to hit 1 gallon

Batch Three: 64oz Trader Joes Cherry/apple cider. 15 oz dextrose (3 of those 5 oz priming sugar packets left over from my old brew kits) and 1 lb honey. EC 1118. Water added to hit 1 gallon.

So I got these in my less than optimal cold Michigan basement with a napkin rubber banded around the gallon jugs neck, think there is anything I should do or should have done different? Anyone care to comment on recipes and whether or not I'll be blind shortly after drinking these? Thanks hive!

PS I have some apfelwein sitting in a carboy that has got to be 9 months old or more... anyone age theirs this long in the same carboy (yeah yeah, I know I should have transferred or kegged it. I was busy!)

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Well the only thing I see missing is acid blend and yeast nutrient, maybe some tannin. As to the aging thing I aged 50 gallons for 10 years and only had to dump out 25 of them so I am sure you will be fine after 9 months

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