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Jan 2012
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On my stove top I do two full boils at the same time but open the microwave door half way and lay a piece of aluminum foil across the top. This gives me much better ventilation as there is a small fan inside the microwave as well.

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Dec 2010
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Isn’t that Maytag guy always sitting on his ass in the commercials waiting for a call?!

I just think the microwave died… I’ve seen that before (Ha! At a friend’s house… but I wasn’t using it! I swear!). Besides, they make microwaveable pasta which floods the inside with steam and no problems there.
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Feb 2012
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Is a good chance to toss the microwave and don´t replace it, honestly I gave my microwave away two years ago and I don´t miss it... reheat your food some place else. We don´t need microwaves.

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Same boat here...I believe its probably a code violation considering how low my microwave is to my stove. I melted off the plastic on the buttons early this summer. I also have to have paper towels because I have to wipe of water droplets. My microwave is probably 20 years old...seriously. I did a double batch one day and halfway through the second boil the fan just shut off.

Still, the microwave works...at least for now.

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Oct 2012
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Just a word of warning...don't play inside the microwave guts. High voltage exists at lethal levels of current and capacitor(s) too.
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Which one won????

OP and title conflict. Guessing that the microwave didn't win

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Apr 2010
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I have a similar setup, and had my microwave completely shut down from cooking pasta. Took a day to dry out as now I always cook pasta on the back burner so it doesnt get the face of the microwave wet. But, it does save counter space.

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Old 12-06-2012, 03:51 PM   #18
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Nov 2009
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You can't (very easily) have a microwave and an effective, properly vented hood.

Mine is a corvette of hood vents that moves anything outside the house in 3.5 seconds. No way a microwave could get between this thing and it's prey.

Second the motion to BAN microwaves.

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We have the same set up that came with our house we had built in 2000. The ray gun in it burned out & they had to replace it. Burned out again & microwave door latch broke. We gsve up on it. Same steaming & dripping. I want to replace it with a real range hood. But don't want to cut holes in the wall for the eshaust piping. I wonder if they make some kind of ornate pipping for the exhaust,so I can run it under the cabinets to the ourtside wall for it to exit? Might look kinda OG too.
Besides,then I can torcher the neighbors with wonderfull beer smells too. I already send'em runnin for take out when I get the pit smokin real good. We'll be doin that to'em with a ham come Christmas morning.
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Back from the dead!

We purchased a new mircowave, I purchased a bayou gas burner and a 40qt pot.

Pretty much solved the problems. And SWMBO as forgiven me.. (i think..........) :P
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