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Nothing really of note here. Just saying that I really see why someone might brew two beers from the same grain bill.

Brewing a barleywine tonight and while sparging, I realized how much more sweet wort I could extra from my grain bill. I was worried about hitting my OG for my barleywine, so I sparged with much more than necessary in order to rinse as much fermentables as possible with the plan to boil down from a big initial volume down to my desired pre-boil volume, then start my 60 minute boil with additions.

In hindsight, I probably could have just sacrificed a little on the big beer and just made another small beer from it (talk about cost savings!). That will be my plan in the future, but that just means lots of the same general type of beer. Especially since I have been brewing relatively smaller beers first in order to use that yeast for a bigger beer. This was I can do two different styles and save the yeast money. But with partigyle, I could brew two (albeit very similar styles) with the same grain bill.

Maybe a small (medium?) beer of some sort, followed by a partigyle using the yeast from the 1st?

Love this new hobby (read: obsession).
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Other options for brewing multiple beers at once. You could make three beers from one mash, if you have 1/3 only the first runnings, 1/3 the last runnings, and 1/3 a mix of the first and last runnings. That's how Fullers makes their beer.

You could also steep dark grains or hops separately and add them to only 1/2 the batch to make a pale ale and stout from the same grist. Or you could just use two different yeasts on the same wort, like a British and a Belgian or something like that.
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the days of old, the kings brews were made of the first running only, then more water was add stirred in and rested. the runnings from that were commoners brews

heres some info from Randy Mosher on building brews using the parti gyle method

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