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I thought I had it bad...
Hey, knock that shvt off. We're drinkin' here.

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I'm damn lucky to have found a house built in 1950 that has basement ceilings tall enough for me... I do have to duck under the main support beam, but the rest I'm good. I had to increase the height of one doorway in the kitchen/dining room but the rest are just tall enough. If I was any taller I would need to have custom build doorways or deal with ducking through them all the time. I've been in homes up in CT where they had like 6'2" ceiling. Damn that sucked.
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Originally Posted by CraigH78 View Post
Sorry but I'm 7'.
Dude do you play basketball!!! Hahaha..

He really is 7' I look like the short guy standing next to him and I'm 6'

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Originally Posted by motobrewer View Post
i'm 5'10", 165lb

da Vinci drew something that resembled me...
I'm 6' 1', 162 lbs.

So I guess I get stuck with the skeleton.

Oh, and my wife is 5' 0".

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Originally Posted by superjunior View Post
so whats the prize for the shortest brewer? I'm a midget, and I prefer "little person" so bite me
So that's you in your avatar?

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