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So I haven't been around much, dealt with breaking up with my gf, moving, and falling, which has resulted in me having a fractured L5 vertabrae. Not able to devote much time to brewing right now but....

Back at Thanksgiving I made a double batch of an extract recipe I had made twice before. Put it in my new 15 gallon fermenter and the next day noticed nice vigorous activity in the blow off bottle. Now I can't remember exactly but I noticed visible activity stopped either the next day or the day after. I was fermenting in the basement which at the time was around 60f then we got a below zero cold snap overnight and the temp dropped into the 50's in the basement. I thought to myself at the time I wonder if the cold caused fermentation to stall?? But with everything going on there was no way I could address it at the time. So I just left it alone.

Then my life fell apart and I had to move so anything I had fermenting had to be bottled or kegged up to be moved. But by then the beer had been in primary for a month anyway so no big deal. So we kegged it.

I got in my new bachelor pad and since I now had no swmbo I put my f'n keg fridge right in the kitchen and before I had just used it to carb up my kegs but now I could make it a real kegerator so I drilled and installed 3 taps in the door. I had an Irish Stout, a Graff and two kegs of what I call Full Moon Ale (the 10 gallon batch) so I figured they would keep me in beer till I had the time and $$$ to get back into active brewing ( I also had 4 gallons of skeeter pee and 6 gallons of apfelwein to tide me over )

So after giving the Full Moon a couple weeks to carb up I had some folks over for a housewarming and lo and behold the Full Moon is not right. Doesn't smell right doesn't taste right.

I left it alone for another couple weeks hoping time may fix it. While drinkable it is not the awesome ale it has been in previous batches. So I gotta figure I got a stuck fermentation way back when.

If I was healthy and brewing it would be no big deal I would just toss it and start over but being how I ain't I can't.

I would like to save these two kegs somehow. But I gotta fix them so they are good like prvious batches.

An ideas would be welcome.

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if it is drinkable. drink it. even if the taste isn''t quite right for the style. it is still beer. you could try and carb to bottles to see if that would help
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Did you check a final gravity reading?

Since it is already a couple months old I think it pretty much is what it is, and no matter how bad you want it to taste like your prior batches, that's not going to happen. If you don't like the taste much just dry hop the sh*t out of it and drink it real cold.

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