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May 2010
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i read that a lot of people (or it seems like to me) that they use tap water to brew. I on the other hand use bottled spring water thinking its better than whats comes from my tap. I figure there is less unwanted chemicals and minerals also. Does it matter when it comes to extract brewing?

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May 2009
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tap water, from my outdoor faucet and ran through a charcoal filter.

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Apr 2010
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I think it comes down to taste. I live in Utah and our water is all mountain snow runoff so our water tastes great so i dont see the point of buying bottled water.

However in my travels i have tasted some cities water that was down right nasty and would never think of using it to brew with.

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Our well water has far too high levels of dissolved minerals like calcium and iron. I use RO (reverse osmosis) water from the grocery store exclusively.
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Jan 2009
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Tap for darker beers. RO or RO/Tap mix for lighter beers. Our water tastes good but is fairly hard.

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Da Geek
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Aug 2010
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Comes to the water profile but I don't like the local water at all so I use bottled water. There is a local water delivery company that delivers their spring water. I use it for most everything in the house including soda water and brewing.

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I just installed a filter on my kitchen, the city uses way too much chlorine in the water. I've been using bottled water some RO and some Ozone.

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Jan 2010
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Originally Posted by teej_810 View Post
Does it matter when it comes to extract brewing?
For extract beers I use RO filtered water. Cleaner tasting beers result. For mashes I use carbon filtered tap water to retain the minerals (helps to buffer the mash.)

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I run my water from the outside faucet through an RV water filter. The water tastes alright from the tap, but has chlorine in it.
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Feb 2010
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I get the 5 gallon plastic carboy bottles at home depot, and add an extra gallon of filtered water from the sink to compensate for what boils off. that way I get an even 5 gallons or more

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