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Oct 2009
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I bought this flask used. It looks like all the other ones I've seen, but it has no markings as to what it's made of or who made it. I'm wondering if it's safe to boil in. I don't have to, but it would be handy. I'd rather not find out by having it shatter on my stove! Here's a link to a pic of it: flask


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Oct 2009
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I'm pretty sure it's heat safe.

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Looks like an Erlenmeyer flask to me. If you boil on a gas stove you should be okay. If it's an electric heating element take it easy and keep the heat on medium. It will take longer but there is a higher probability that it will break if you crank it up on high.

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i dropped one of my 2L in the sink.. i had it inverted while scrubbing off some charred boiul over when it shot out of my hand. after all the reading of carboys jumping to their death, my flask tried. thank the good beer god it didn't break. pyrex and bomex make good stuff. you can take it right off the stove boiling and submerge it to the liquid level OR LESS in ice water.

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Clarno, it should be labeled as towhat kind of glass it is. Pyrex, Kimax, and a few others will work. Google the brand name, and if it is borosilicate it is OK.


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