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Old 04-08-2010, 07:49 AM   #31
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Apr 2010
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Let me warn you... Cheese does not come out good from homogenized milk. You need raw milk from a cow or a goat for it to come out good.

Now if you have a cow you can make tons of great cheese.

I tried and tried with store bought milk and have finally given up. I am giving away my cheese molds to my in-laws who have cows.

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Old 10-06-2010, 06:02 AM   #32
Dr. Fedwell
Feb 2007
Haiku Maui
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I make quite good cheese from Costco milk. On this island, milk is $7 a gal at a regular supermarket. Costco, $4.25. I do add CaCl and it turns out fine. The curd sets up well for most hard cheeses and soft cheese is no problem. I am not sure if the milk is local to Hawaii, or is from California. We do have a lot of cattle here on Maui, but the Haleakala Dairy closed a while back and operates in name only with milk that is from somewhere in the state(or sometimes CA I suspect). Gonna ask at the Costco.

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Old 02-11-2012, 03:15 AM   #33
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Jun 2011
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damn i guess i will have to try to make some cheese, at my costco gal of whole milk is around $1.8

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Dec 2010
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Is making beer at home economical? I think not (so do my family/friends)! I have made a few "cheeses" (correct?) for fun, and I really enjoyed it! I want to move to fancier cheeses, but have been spending all my money on beer stuff.

Anyone that tells you getting into a hobby is cheaper than buying it commercially is lying (I am sure there are rare cases, but not many I imagine...)!
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Jul 2009
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Originally Posted by Mateo
Let me warn you... Cheese does not come out good from homogenized milk. You need raw milk from a cow or a goat for it to come out good.
I'll have to disagree. While having raw milk will make a better cheese, this statement makes it sound like its impossible to make good cheese with store brought milk(which is all homogenized). I've made several batches with store brought Whole & 2% milk and all have been REALLY good, if not better then store brought mozz.

I may be new to cheese making, but I'm not new to cheese as I'm a "retired" dairy farmer. And unfortunately most all states are sticklers on the sale of raw milks. Which is a shame because I'd drink raw milk straight from the source anyday over store bought...

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Whats Under Your Kilt
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Originally Posted by mccumath
Is making beer at home economical? I think not (so do my family/friends)!
Really? Must be BMC and dont care for taste!! After the initial investment and fuel and time I think I'm way ahead!! Just made a rochefort 9 clone for about $50 for 5gal.. In the store here it's $5+ for 12oz! Let's not get into the sours!!
EDIT: let's not forget that it's a hobby that gives in return
Originally Posted by cadarnell
'how will i explain this to my kids' ... if i have to ask that, then i think my kids are in trouble ... just my 2 cents ... HAVE A BEER !!!
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Old 09-30-2012, 03:30 PM   #37
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Aug 2012
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Cheese is very economical for us but we get milk from the farmer straight from milking and don't pay anything like the prices quoted. The other consideration is the type of cheese. Some of the cheeses in the local store run very high (Cambozola for example) compared to making it yourself. Mozzarella and cream cheese don't save as much money but with a little effort they so much better. Ricotta is practically a different cheese it is so much better in pancakes and other dishes.

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