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Grain in the fields

Maris Otter is an English thoroughbred and this winter barley variety is still the favored choice of many UK cask ale brewers. In the field, its yield has been surpassed hugely by more modern varieties, so it has to be grown on contract for the maltster each year by selected farmers. The resulting malt is typically described as having a rich, nutty flavor. Performance in the brewhouse is predictable and consistent with excellent run-offs.

Origin United Kingdom
Yield 82.5 %
Potential 1.038
Color 3.0 SRM
Max in Batch 100.0 %
Moisture 3.0 %
Protein 11.7 %
Coarse Fine Difference 1.5 %
Diastatic Power 120.0 %
Recommend Mash TRUE
Notes Premium base malt from the UK.
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