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Nov 5, 2017
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Right now I have have a 5QFT keezer. I can place 3 kegs in it. I have my co2 canister on the outside. As I am working on upgrading my brewery, I am starting to wonder if I should add a kegerator to my list... In which I will turn my keezer back into a fermentor. I'm not sure on what size to get though. I would like it to hold 3 kegs, min of 2..... I would actually get use out of having a freezer as well ( to hold ice for my chilling part of my process/ plus too hold some hops). I know there is a post of freezers that you can convert into a keezers, but do not know of one for a kegerator .
Since I will be putting it in my basement, I would like to try to keep it as small as possible. I will need to be able to move it down to the basement solo..
My kegs consist of a mix of 3 coke style, and 2 pepsi style.

Not sure when I will do the upgrade, since at that moment I am working/building on redesigning my brew stand, as well as other things in the brew room(man cave)... but am looking ahead on what all I need to do, such as running electric wire and such...

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