Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

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Nov 16, 2004
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I really enjoy this recipe. I wonder where I could get one similiar.

I enjoyed the bottles but I had it out of the tap just the other day with a good Mexican dinner and man I was sold. Great brew.
There are tons of clone recipes for this beer. One of the best is from Clone Brews. Calls for:

4 oz. Crystal 60L
6.5 lb. light DME
1/4 lb. malto-dextrin
1 oz. Nugget hops (bittering -- 60 minutes)
1/2 oz. Perle hops (flavoring -- 15 minutes)
1 oz. Cascade hops (aroma -- 1 minute)
American Ale Yeast
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is one of my favorites. Can't get enough of it. For my first brew I'm using Cascade hops because of Sierra Nevada Pale. Yum.
rightwingnut said:
Yeah, I think that's exactly what it's considered. Definately, actually.

So would Tupper's be the same category?
The reason I ask is that I was in a porter/stout kick for a while but lately I can't get enough Anchor Liberty, Steam, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale....guess what I know what I'm brewing next, huh?
I'm gonna have to come up with a recipe I guess. I've noticed some of the Pale Ales would knock my socks off as far as bitterness. I can't do the REAL bitter stuff....
Anchor Liberty is also an American Pale. You and I share tastes (in commercial brews, anyway... :D ) I am in love with those three! If you look for a Steam recipe, be aware they call it "California Common", as "Steam" is a trademark of Anchor Brewery. As for Tupper's...check the thread I started about it..I think Janx said something about it being almost in a different category...don't remembr exactly.
Guinness Stout (on draft), Harpoon IPA, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale are my top three commercial beers and it's hard to say which holds the #2 vs #3 spots.
Anyone made that Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone?

I made it but I had to use some variations in hops from what they recommend. It didn't turn out as good as Sierra Nevada but that could be because of the hops.
Look into BeerAlchemy. There is a free trial period with no strings attached.
Cauchy said:
Look into BeerAlchemy. There is a free trial period with no strings attached.

Sorry, this appears to be a bug on at least mobile devices. Just commented in the software forums and it posted it to this thread for some reason. Many apologies.