Redemption...I actually CAN brew an AG batch!

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Jan 16, 2011
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Some of you may have read my post from last weekend about how I botched my first AG batch in almost every way possible (and thoroughly offended Mr. McDole's prized recipe). I had the ingredients around for my second planned batch of AG beer, Nathan Smith's 'The Dankness' IPA, and decided to give it a roll today. I took what I learned from last weekend and applied it to today's batch with much better results.

I still had some issues with mash temperature, this time I overshot it and still fell short when I tried to mash out. I'm also worried that the temp down in the grain bed is different than what I'm measuring 4 or 5 inches down. Boil off calculations for my new keggle are also off, still figuring that one out. Anyways....

Aside from the mash temperature (aimed for 150, got 153ish), everything else went very good. I ran off slower, got better numbers, gathered my calculated boil volume (and not WAY more, like last time), cooled and got the trub settled. I ended up boiling off about .5 gallon too much, but when I topped up to 5 gallons my gravity reading was spot on! My yeast starter hit high krausen this afternoon so the wort got a very healthy inoculation.

Assuming I can ferment this bad boy out properly, I should have a very successful and tasty all grain batch of beer under my belt! Thank you everyone for the happy thoughts, and thanks The BN and HBT, I learned more from all of you de-generates than I could have ever gleended from a book :rockin: