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For Sale NH - Beer dispensing items

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Dec 14, 2010
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Selling off the taps and such I've had for some years (selling off other items, putting this in it's own thread to make it easier). Includes gas manifolds, bulkheads, shanks, taps/faucets, QDs, drip trays, etc. Prefer to deal locally, but willing to ship depending on factors (will work with buyer depending on what's being bought).

drip trays: $20 each
Manifolds: 2 way: $12 each; 3 way: $16 each; 4 way: $22; 5 way: $27
Plastic QDs: $3 each (20 gas, 8 liquid)
Shanks (stainless): $10 each
Taps: Stout: vertical (stainless): $45 each
Stout: CMB: $30 each
Intertap: $20
Perlic 525: $25 each
Perlic 575: $25 each
CMB ale: $25 each
100' 3/16" ID beer line
Inkbird ITC308wifi: used: $25
unused (no packaging): $30
Variable speed 110v fan $5
Misc items such as swivel nuts as discussed with buyer(s). Not listing these items. Also includes oetiker clamps and crimp tool.

Location: Pelham, NH
Contact: Private message here