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Mar 8, 2005
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Waterford, NY
Hello, my name is Walt and I live in the Albany area of NY state. I have been brewing for about 10 years, and went AG 2 years ago. I have posted on other forums, but after awhile they have gotten stale. It seems like there is a nice bunch of people here and I hope I can learn and pass along what I have learned to others. :cool:
Welcome to the forums...Ive only been brewing since January so im new , but im pretty hooked so far. Glad to have you along and its always good to get some veterans here with experience.

Youre right, there is a good bunch of people here :cool:

I'm sure all of us nOObs will be asking for plenty of advice, and I for one certainly appreciate all the great stuff I've read on here so far.

Look forward to your posts!