Mead bubbling up the airlock

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Oct 9, 2012
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I made mead for the first time. I believe my honey measurement was off, my specific gravity was around 1.174. Now, 12 hours later the mead is bubbling up thru the airlock.
1.174 sounds really high and somewhat suspect. (But not impossible.)

At your convenience, replace the airlock with another (sanitized) airlock. And wipe down the top of the carboy/bucket with a starsan-dampened paper towel. Or spray with starsan solution and wipe. You get the idea. Clean it up and sanitize as best you can without putting stuff back inside the fermenter.

If the OG was really 1.174, this is going to be a really sweet mead, because unless you used a turbo yeast (or something similar), the yeast is going to hit its ABV tolerance level well before "dry" is reached.

When measuring any OG, and especially mead must OG, it's important to make sure you have a very homogenous mixture before measuring.
Yes, I see how it sounds suspicious, but I truly believe I over honeyed my must. But I made 2 exact 1 g batch's and both turned out the same. I couldn't leave it overnight like that, had to go to work tonight, so I transferred both 1 gallons to a 5 gallon carboy and filled with water, more apples, ferm K & O and sugar to compensate for the additional water. I have know idea what the OG is now. But I couldn't leave it bubbling mead up the airlock