Looking for a wiring diagram for a EHLT

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Dec 16, 2010
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In the process of converting an advanced all grain system to a fully automated electronic setup. This is a joint project between me and a friend(he owns the majority of the equipment). Currently we are running to keggles 1 for the HLT and one for the BK, also a 10 Gal gatorade cooler for the mash ton. We have a counterflow wort chiller as well as a pump in a tool box plus a pond pump for the wort chiller and a few other odds and ends. Bottom line is he wants to run this whole system on 110. Now as far as I see it its not efficient at all to try to run a full automated setup on 110 mainly sense we will be doing 10-12 gallon boils more than twice a month. At any rate I want to at least start of with a 110 EHLT but I cant seem to find a decent diagram for it(at least one that is separate from a fully integrated system. Im a former avionics electrician for the military so I have at least a decent understanding of electronics and electric components, But I really dont want to try to break this stuff down especially if its taking the 110 away from a 240 system. So if anyone has a decent diagram for a stand alone 110 EHLT that would be awesome.