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Nov 26, 2008
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I just received the last bits and pieces for my keezer. It is made from a small chest freezer that fits 4 cornies in but it is tight. I was planning on having my CO2 on the outside and a 4 way manifold in the inside. It looks like my manifold won't fit on the inside with all four kegs. So now I have a decision to make.

1. Use just 3 kegs and put the tank and the manifold inside
2. Put the manifold in the outside in the back and drill 4 separate holes for gas lines.

I have a nice big collar so the holes are not a problem I am just not sure if it will cause any other issues that I am unaware of.

I have my tank on the outside, drilled a hole for the line and ran it to my manifold that is mounted to the collar on the inside. Works great.
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As long as the lines fit the holes tight enough to prevent moisture from entering the freezer I don't see any problems. In fact that is why I like the co2 outside as you let less moist air into the space by not opening to adjust and or check pressures.
+1 to CO2 and manifold on the outside. That is what I did, the lines are a snug but not air tight fit but that hasn't been an issue.