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Jun 4, 2008
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Maple Shade NJ (PA,MD,DE,NY,DC)


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May 27, 2008
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Lubbock, Texas
Since I work for Texas Agrilife Research I thought I would pass this information along. This is a list of the US Cooperative Extension Job sites OR the associated university. They list research and extensions jobs plus administrative or clerical positions as well.

Also look at the associated university sites for jobs. Working for the state is nice because of the benefits. The pay might start low, but is offset by what you are offered in insurance and other benefits. Plus there are opportunities to get a higher ed degree through some programs.

Best of luck.

Alabama ACES: Human Resources Department
Arizona Employment Opportunities, The University of Arizona
Arkansas Job Opportunities at the U of A Division of Agriculture
California Employment Opportunities - University of California - Agriculture and Natural Resources
Colorado Colorado State University Extension - Employment
Connecticut Employment at the University of Connecticut
Delaware Delaware Cooperative Extension Employment Opportunities
District of Columbia,a,1222,q,530365,dcopNav,|31656|.asp#1
Florida IFAS Job Available - IFAS Office of Human Resources - Solutions for Your Life
Georgia CAES Employment | UGA
Hawaii Career Development and Student Employment at the University of Hawaii at Manoa
Idaho Jobs at UI
Illinois University of Illinois Extension Professional Opportunities
Iowa Iowa State University Extension Job Announcements
Kansas K-State Research and Extension ~About Us>Job Opportunities
Kentucky Careers in Extension
Louisiana Job Opportunities - Human Resource Management | Administration | LSU AgCenter
Maine Job Announcements, Career Opportunities, and Vacancies
Maryland Employment Opportunities
Massachusetts UMass Amherst - Employment
Michigan MSUE Portal
Minnesota Employment Opportunities & Jobs - About Extension - University of Minnesota Extension
Mississippi Employment Opportunities
Missouri University of Missouri Extension - Positions Available
Montana Jobs in Extension
Nebraska Job Opportunities, UNL Extension
Nevada UNCE Jobs
New Hampshire
New Jersey Rutgers NJAES: Job Opportunities at Rutgers NJAES
New Mexico NMSU: Human Resource Services | Employment Services
New York Cornell Cooperative Extension
North Carolina North Carolina Cooperative Extension: Employment Opportunities
North Dakota NDSU Extension Service - Career Opportunities
Ohio Jobs At Ohio State - The Ohio State University
Oklahoma Vacant Positions — DASNR HR
Oregon Career Services, Oregon State University
Pennsylvania Employment - Penn State Cooperative Extension and Outreach
Rhode Island Job Opportunities - University of Rhode Island
South Carolina Welcome : Extension : Clemson University : South Carolina
South Dakota SDSU: Employment
Tennessee Job Opportunities with UT Extension!
Utah Careers - Utah State University Extension -
Vermont UVM Extension
Virginia Current Positions
Washington WSU Extension
West Virginia WVU-ES: Position Vacancies
Wisconsin Jobs at UW-Extension - UW-Extension
Wyoming Job Opportunities - Cooperative Extension