"Hot Maturation" IPA

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Jun 17, 2010
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Bored at work, I came across this article about how IPA's mature at hot temperatures differently than cellar. It made me think of my recent cross-country move:

Last April for a graduation party I bought a keg of Flying Dog Double Dog IIPA. After tornadoes destroyed Tuscaloosa and I couldn't return the keg, I decided the deposit was worth keeping the keg and finding something cool to do with it, so it was packed into my car and made the week long trip from Mississippi to Washington in July. FF to this past January, I'm at a local brewery trading the sanke keg for 4 cornies, and the brewer says "there's still some beer in here" as he hands me a pitcher he drew from the 8 month old keg.

The beer was amazing, 100% different than the original IIPA. Almost like a...barrel aged barleywine, very smooth and round.

Just thought I'd share this interesting anecdote and see if anyone has any related experience.

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