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Mar 23, 2021
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Hello I used to be very active in these forums 2005-2012, and still popped back in to look things up here and there, though I had to make new account to post this. It seems I must have had my old one under a very old email address. I am unfortunately bowing out of the hobby due to various reasons. I have sold of all of my equipment with exception to my fermentation fridge. I've had it on Facebook marketplace for a few weeks and while I had one interested party, they eventually decided to not drive 100 miles to get it. I do need this to get out of my garage so I am hoping there may be a taker in these forums as I hate to see it go to waste. I bought this fridge after finding it listed as a great one in these forums about 2 years ago and has the brewer edge controller II mounted on it already. I know it is an older model but still working fine. I hope it can find a good home here. Here is the link to the Facebook Fridge listing.

Well I cannot seem to edit listing, but i meant to have it say this is free to someone in this group that is local and wants this. If i don't hear soon i guess it will be heading off to the fridge scrap guys. I had to take my keezer there after packrats ruined it and it is what led to the end of my hobby brewing, for now, as just don't want to rebuild keezer and not going back to bottling! Sad to see this good fermenter fridge see that end but i can't just keep it sitting in garage as it is in the way. Enjoy the home brews, may the be delicious!
Yes sorry I am in Cave Creek which is town just north of Phoenix/Scottsdale.
I know it is an older model but still working fine. I hope it can find a good home here.
It looks to be in really good and clean condition. I've seen way too many on the other side of that spectrum...
Someone should want it.
The controller alone is probably worth $30-50.

Maybe try listing it on other places too?
Any homebrew clubs in your area you could contact? Then have a member list it on their site, FB, or email list?
We often take care of those things here for others.

It would be a real shame to scrap this.

How about using it as a beer/beverage fridge? Or even as an "overflow" fridge. Jeez!
If it's tall enough to hold one or 2 sixtels, you can tap commercial beer with a picnic tap and 4-6' of 4mm EVA Barrier line.
Maybe by using one of those low profile Sanke couplers.