Crystal 150 Sub-English Mild Recipe

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Nov 30, 2012
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Planning on brewing this recipe either this weekend or next from byo's webpage. I have everything on hand except the crystal 150. I am trying to thin out ingredients, not buy a bag and only use .25lbs. Here is the recipe, and the link to the original

It’s Just A Starter (6-Day Mild Ale)
(5 gallon/19 L, all-grain)
OG = 1.036 FG = 1.007
IBU = 24 SRM = 31 ABV = 3.6%

The name reflects the use of my most recent batch of mild. I needed to grow enough yeast to make a batch of OG 1.116 barleywine for filling a bourbon barrel. The mild was made one weekend and was racked to a keg the following weekend while the mash was underway for the barleywine. The chilled barleywine wort was then transferred onto the yeast cake from the mild and a little oxygen was added. There was activity in the airlock within about an hour. — Steve Piatz

4.66 lbs. (2.11 kg) 2-row pale malt
0.97 lbs. (0.44 kg) crystal malt (55 °L)
0.40 lbs. (0.18 kg) chocolate malt
1.17 lbs. (0.53 kg) flaked corn
0.25 lbs. (0.11 kg) crystal malt (150 °L)
6.2 AAU Fuggles hops (60 mins)
(1.55 oz./44 g of 4% alpha acid)
Wyeast 1968 (London ESB) or
White Labs WLP002 (English Ale) yeast
0.66 cups corn sugar (for priming)

I have the following on hand,
Roasted Barley
Crystal 60

If it seems necessary in the recipe, I can quit being cheap and buy a bag.

the crystal 150 will give a raisin/dark fruit note and some color. You can sub more crystal 60, but it wont have that flavor, but will still likely be a fine beer.
Thanks. I have plenty of 2 row, I think following those directions would be worth a try.

I also have plenty of c60, could I soak that and follow the directions or just start from scratch with the 2row?
Toasting the C-60 seems too easy, although I can't say it won't work. I home-roast a lot of my specialty malts, but I only tried making crystal once, a C-120. It went fine, although the final product was less sweet than anything store-bought, I think because I rushed the stewing.
without a pale ale base malt, its not going to be a great mild anyways, so maybe drop the chocolate too, use cascades or something, and call it a pale American mild or something.
I disagree. Once you add a significant proportion of specialty grains/malts, the character of whatever pale malt you choose is completely overwhelmed. Moreover, plenty of world-class Mild ales are brewed without expensive floor-malted Maris Otter.
As a rule I don't argue here anymore...believe what you like. Better yet, brew it both ways and let your taste buds decide.
Just use the regular crystal and then correct the colour in the fermenter with some caramel.