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Michele Craft

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Dec 4, 2019
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We were planning to do a split lid so we didn't have to wheel the thing away from the wall to fill it (4 tap with 2" black iron pipe, two legs, 2 elbows, 4 taps across so think inverted U) but the drink rinser/drip tray would have to sit just about right in the split so we're back to a one piece lid that we hinge to the collar.

What's a good way to attach the collar? We were going to use some mortite strips for sealing and calling it good because of the weight of the lid being on it, but I fear when we lift the lid, it's going to flip the front of the collar up with it. I was hoping not to SO permanently attach the collar but would liquid nails be best here?

Also - any suggested hinges? We may theoretically be able to just use the hinges from the chest freezer itself but with the black iron pipe, I'm not sure they're strong enough? Was thinking a continuous piano hinge type thing maybe?

The lid we just plan to make out of a 1x3 or 1x4 box on end, 1/2" plywood butted to the bottom "inside" of box, then another 1/2" plywood slightly recessed so I can trim out with 1/4" thick inlay and then some 1x3 or 1/2" plywood on ends in a grid pattern to make a sort of torsion box for strength, 1 1/2" foam board in the gaps for insulation. That way I can drill my 2" black iron pipe floor flanges straight through and get a nut on the underside for good stability.

thanks in advance!