Checking for air-tightness

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Apr 24, 2008
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clarksville, tn
I had a "lightbulb" moment the other day. I haven't seen a post about this, so if one exists, I apologize. But if not, I figured this information could be of value. I have read tons of threads on here for induction tank sealing, and it dawned on me. After sealing with food grade silicone and some weather stripping from Lowe's (thanks to all those who have posted on that subject), I thought about a soda straw. You can't suck anything through a straw if the pressure isn't equalized (your cup being air tight). So, after sealing your tank, fill it and close it up. Open your racking valve. If you are air tight, you will get very little to ZERO water coming out after about a minute or so. If water stops flowing, you are pretty much sealed up and good to go.