Cheap, simple, portable hoist rig

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Aug 6, 2013
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Hey All, I have put together a hoist system that I think is going to work well for me. I thought I would share in case anyone else is trying to figure out the best design for them.

My goal was : cheap, strong, collapsible, simple.

My floor space is limited in my shop so my idea was to make use of my brewing cart. The idea is that I can quickly assemble the frame for the hoist and tear it down later for storage.


3 chain-link fence top rail pipes home depot ($21 ea)
4 u bolts for 1/3/8" pipe ( $3 ea)
2 chain link gate corner brackets ($7 ea)

misc washers, a few pulleys, screw eye bolts etc (~$20)

In the end I spent around $110. I had some poly rope, a rope cleat already.

I attached U bolts on two opposite corners top an bottom of my brew cart. They are set to have just enough space for the pipe to slip through and be secure.

I cut the rail pipe into two pieces about 70 inches or so.. These slide vertically into the u bolts on the cart. The pipes go all the way to the floor. The cart does not have to support whatever the hoist is lifting.

I then used two shorter pieces of the pipe and one (~36 inch) regular section horizontal, and bolted them together with the gate corner brackets. This creates an upside down U piece that is the top of the hoist frame, and is lifted and joined together with the vertical rails by setting it on top using the joint ends of the pipe.

After that it's just a matter of bolting on a few pullets and connecting the poly rope.

I don't have my brew rig, so I mocked up the equipment to get an idea of how it will work. So far it seems to do the trick. This thing feels very strong.

My plan is to pull the brew cart away from the wall, install the vertical pipes, hang the top piece on it and use it for brewing.. then when the day is over, it can be pulled down and stored without requiring much space.

Here are some pics.


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