Anyone interested in a counterflow exchanger?

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Mar 3, 2009
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I’m upgrading some of my brewing equipment and I’m most excited about the 15 gallon brewpot with a ball valve. In order to reduce my physical activity I have a lot of food grade 3/8” ID copper tubing that I’m going to use to run the wort thru a counterflow heat exchanger before sending it to the carboy. I bought all the necessary equipment to make two. Since the hose comes in 50’ lengths only, I purposely bought double to make two. Is anyone interested in splitting the cost for all this equipment for the other heat exchanger?

Basic setup:
- 3/8” ID copper tubing coiled thru 1” ID rubber hose (high temp grade, rated to 200°F)
- Copper fittings on either end all soldered with lead free plumbing solder
o My father has done plenty of soldering so he’ll be the operator
- About 3-4’ of ½” or ¾” ID flexible hose with barb to garden hose adaptor
o I have plenty of this stuff at work, so I’m just going to “borrow” it

All the parts and everything will be $66 per heat exchanger. I going to build them once I receive the 1” rubber hose (hopefully by the end of next week) and then test one by boiling water and running it down to see what my expected outlet wort temperature will be. My calculation show that I should be able to get 65°F, which I’m going to guess means I’ll probably see more like 70°F, and total time will be just under 6 minutes for a 5 gallon batch. Might have to play around with the height of the of the pot in relation to the outlet…too far and the wort will flow too fast thru the pipe and come out hot, too slow and it’ll take forever.

I don’t want to ship this and I’m located in Northern NJ, near Morristown and I work near Rutgers University.


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Apr 10, 2007
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Poughquag, New York
I would love one and for $66 bucks.

I live in Dutchass county NY. I can be in NJ in an hour to pick it up.

So i am interested. How would you like to get the money?