Acquired SS mash tun, 20 gallon kettle, sparge arm - thoughts about how to make best use of

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Jun 21, 2008
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Metro Boston
Like many of us, my approach and equipment has morphed over the years. I mashed in a 10 gallon round cooler for years. Early in the pandemic, I scored a used Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil for an excellent price and have used that a few times. Last week, I found a crazy deal on a 20 gallon SS BrewTech stainless kettle (2 ports, trub dam), a stainless mash tun with stainless mash paddle and stainless false bottom (looks to be the same diameter as the kettle and about half the height), and a stainless sparge arm, along with quick disconnects, silicone tubing, and other accessories.
I brew electrically in my basement (between the Mash & Boil and a few heatsticks I've used over the years) and do 5-6 gallon (or smaller) batches. I'm thinking about what setup might make the most sense for me now, and what I should sell. I don't see how the stainless mash tun will be of much use to me unless I installed a heating element. I'm considering experimenting with the Mash & Boil as a HLT, mashing in the old 10 gallon cooler, and then boiling in the 20 gal kettle with either heat sticks, or installing a heating element. This would really undo the single vessel convenience of the Mash & Boil (although technically if one is heating sparge water, it's not a single vessel system). I'd like to keep the cleanup manageable and the brewing relatively convenient.
Two questions:
1) Does anyone have any suggested configurations?
2) What would be reasonable asking prices if I decide to sell the mash tun and sparge arm?



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