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  1. MikeScott

    Advanced Yeast Starter Techniques

    In the last 3 years, I've had a really significant jump in the quality of my beers, and I've attributed it primarily to great yeast health and viability. As the saying goes, brewers make wort, yeast make beer. There's a crazy amount of information out there about yeast health and starters, and...
  2. wasteofliam

    New Homebrewing YouTube Channel - Seeking feedback!

    Hi all! Hope everyone is safe and well going into pandemic year 2. I recently started a YouTube channel that is centered around all things beer & brewing, and am looking for some feedback from fellow brewers! I have always been so drawn to content creation in many forms, and even worked in...
  3. Chinmay Nayak

    CraigTube is back!

    Good news... He just posted a one and half minute video on his channel saying both of his channels are back. Everyone I know was in panic and a lot of petitions and facebook-insta posts were happening. Hopefully we can all relax and enjoy a homebrew now..
  4. J

    Petition to Youtube - Craigtube

    Hey fellow Homebrewers! I haven't posted much on this platform but I thought that I would reach out. I'm sure some of you have watched Craigtube in the past on Youtube (that's where I first got introduced to homebrewing). For some reason his account was taken down by youtube, and without...
  5. weaf27

    Feedback on my new Home Brewing YouTube Channel

    I started brewing Dec 2014 and use to post but prefer to just read a LOT and learn. I love brewing and it helps me a great deal with stress (health related) as I am very passionate about brewing and learning new things related the brewing process. I am simply looking for feedback from fellow...
  6. D

    An Imp Stout with a high amount of Caramunich

    I have been thinking of making a video on my Youtube channel DrHans Brewery about Caramunich malt for quite some time but never got around to it. As I was sent an Imperial Stout with a high amount of Caramunich, I took the chance to at least talk a little about a malt that I think is quite...
  7. D

    My Channel about homebrewing is about to hit 6K tomorrow on my birthday! If you haven´t checked it out yet, give it a go. Cheers DrHans