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  1. micraftbeer

    Help Creating Early 90s Wheat Ale

    I've had an itch recently in my brewing brain that I want to scratch. I look back with nostalgia at the ubiquitous Wheat Beer that I recall every microbrewery (craft brewery wasn't a tag line yet) had in the early 90's. I wasn't brewing back then, and I definitely wasn't drinking much of...
  2. T

    American Amber Ale Raspberry Summer Wheat Ale

    I started making this beer as a nice summer wheat to keep around, here in Houston it's hot all the time. I have been playing with the hop additions and extract amounts. This combination so far has been the best. I am thinking about dry hopping the next batch for more aroma. Attached photo has...
  3. V

    Wheat Ale on the cheap

    I'm looking to throw together a wheat ale on the cheap, possibly add some mango to it. I have yeast, equipment, etc; no hops though. I was thinking maybe doing an extract brew was the way to go. Any suggestions on what / where to buy? Last time I did extract brewing it was in a kit but I figured...
  4. ghast

    American Wheat Ale, thoughts?

    Hi, I've been posting a lot on this forums lately because of the great feedback I get each time, so... Any thoughts on this American Wheat Beer (5gal batch)? 5lbs White Wheat Malt 5lbs Pale Ale 1oz Willamette @60 1oz Saaz @15 1oz Cascade @0 0.5oz Saaz @0 Yeast: Safbrew WB-06 Give me your...
  5. A

    Add honey, explosion.

    Don't do what I did. I'm brewing a honey wheat ale for the first time. I've brewed plenty of wheat beers before, but not an american style wheat ale with honey malt and honey added. I'm about 60 hours into fermentation, it's very active, I just dumped 3lbs of honey mixed with 1lb of water...
  6. d32h9

    Summer style Red wheat ale

    Hey everyone, I plan to make an american wheat ale, 5 Gal, and add orange zest, lemon zest, and coriander, to make it have a citrus aspect for summer. I also want to use some grains to give a reddish color. My plan is to brew it as normal, using the extract method, then add all of the...