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  1. J

    BeerSmith water profile

    Hey Folks. I‘m still kind of new to BeerSmith. I’m working on a cream ale receipt. Using distilled water water as my water profile which target profile would be best for a cream ale?
  2. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft - Hazy Daze Stout

    As the Fall season approaches here in the Northeastern United States it brings with it the shorter days and cooler temperatures that signal the end of summer. In a few weeks the leaves of the deciduous trees in my neighborhood will start to change color. The same green leaves that provided...
  3. C

    Water Profile Help

    I did a water test with Ward Labs and I'm looking to adjust so I can make a New England IPA. I listed my stats below, could anyone tell me what I need to add in order to get that NE IPA profile? I have more stats, but think these are the essential one's. PH - 7.1 Calcium - 34 Total Hardness -...
  4. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Water Profile Question

    I recently got a report from my local water company and it came out to the following. PH of 8.3 I was wondering, what an ideal water profile would look like, and to see if what this is a good starting point for. I'm new to thinking about water profiles, but have recently started reading John...
  5. A

    What to do about water?

    I am a novice homebrewer with 5 all grain brews under my belt. So far I have been using the water out of my kitchen sink which has gone through a water softener. From what I have found online it looks like using softened water isn’t great for brewing with. Looking to make improvements on my...
  6. beervoid

    Grains, post fermentation minerals and lab analysis

    Hey everyone, I've been wrapping my head around water profiles and mineral additions.. The final frontier of brewing for me it seems. We got great tools to calculate water profiles but since yeast, malts and other grains bring minerals to the table it seems kind of a black art to me to get a...
  7. rjs3273

    Is getting a lab test water profile a waste of time?

    I am happy to accept the short answer is no. It is always going to be interesting to see what you get and some information must be better than no information, but my question is not entirely flippant. I have been searching through all the water threads in here and I can find very little...
  8. S

    Water profile - need help tweaking

    I recently got my water profile back (Hanover, VA) and was using John Palmer's Water Adjustment calculator. I'm going to be brewing an American Pale Ale so was playing around with the values to try and get them in 'suggested range'. As I'm new to tweaking my water, can I get some advice from...