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  1. OtisLamb

    Vanilla Bean (Tincture)

    I will be adding vanilla (bean tincture) to my next beer. I have read/seen how to create a tincture from vanilla beans. Some recipes say just split the bean and cut it into chunks and put in the [vodka] liquid and let it soak for a couple of days or weeks. Other recipes say to split the bean...
  2. jayjay

    Banana Split Recipe - how to add banana to beer

    Hi fellow brewers So i want to experiment with a milk stout by "dry hopping" with toasted cacaonibs, vanilla and banana process to imitate a banana split dessert. However, i am worried that raw banana might contain too much fat to work properly in the beer, so i am thinking of using...
  3. Mateo123

    Adding vanilla

    Hello everyone, I just recently made an oatmeal blueberry SMASH and wanted some advice. I want to add vanilla for some reason. Hoping for a little twist. Any thoughts on that? I just finished kegging tonight and was just laying in bed thinking what would 1-2 oz of vanilla extract do....and...
  4. PlantPatrol

    Pineapple Wine/Tepache potential recipe?

    Hey all, this is my first post, i’ve been brewing about a year so have lurked here for a good bit already though! This is a recipe I figured out from reading about other people’s pineapple experience, I intend to start soon but wanted to get opinions on it beforehand in case any of y’all have...
  5. L

    Thoughts on using vanilla extract for cream ale?

    Hi all, I am trying to brew a vanilla orange cream ale, and found that adding vanilla beans (3 total) at flameout with a (30 minute steep) resulted in virtually no flavor, aroma, or even notes. Next time I am planning on using vanilla extract but wasn’t sure how much to add. Obviously this...
  6. H

    Questions of Using adjunct for stout ~

    I am planning to make pastry stout. But I have some questions. One is to store cookies in vodka for a week and put both vodka and cookies in the second fermentation. If I put vodka together at this time, wouldn't it increase alcohol and adversely affect beer? Also, is there enough flavor...
  7. G

    Cinnamon vanilla mead?

    I recently decided to make a 1 gallon batch of mead. For my mead I am using Saigon cinnamon sticks and Madagascar vanilla beans. The Yeast I’m using is Lalvin EC-1118 (thoughts?). I was planning on leaving it in the primary for about a month, and then racking to secondary for 2ish weeks. How...
  8. N

    Adding ingredients while maintaining sanitation

    I've been searching the forums and can't seem to find a definitive answer so I figured I would ask for opinions. In some cases I would like to add spices like vanilla beans, whole allspice, cinnamon sticks, orange zest, etc. My concern is about introducing contamination. I could soak the...
  9. A

    Critique my Vanilla Milk Stout recipe please

    Type: All Grain IBU : 25 (Tinseth) Color : 64 EBC Carbonation : 2 CO2-vol Pre-Boil Gravity : 1.036 Original Gravity : 1.045 Final Gravity : 1.012 Grainfather Batch Size : 23 L Boil Time : 60 min Brewhouse Efficiency: 72% Mash Efficiency : 75.1% Fermentables (4.47 kg) 2.42 kg - Pale Ale - DE...
  10. motherofgallons

    Rhubarb Pie with Vanilla Sauce Small Melomel 7%

    I am still new to brewing but as an avid cook I cannot stop myself from jumping off the deep end and crafting recipes right from the start. I do have a couple questions sprinkled throughout. I was inspired by this recipe...
  11. ghast

    Cinnamon/Vanilla Porter

    So I had an idea for this "Girl Scout Cookie" type of recipe and came up with this. Not sure if it has too much stuff in it, perhaps it might do well without the Cinnamon. This is BIAB, by the way. Boil: 7 Gal Batch: 5 Gal Brewing Time: 60min Temp: 100 (when malts go in) 150 (until water boils...
  12. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Horchata cream ale

    Hi all, I plan to make an extract cream ale and then after fermentation is done, add vanilla beans and cinnamon to it. My question is, should I rack it to a secondary for this or can I pour it into the primary? I should make note that I plan to soak a cinnamon stick and a few vanilla beans...
  13. S

    Need some help on a honey/mexican vanilla blonde ale recipe (Feisty Blonde)

    There is a small brewery here in Texas that makes a honey blonde with Mexican vanilla added and it is probably one of my top 3 beers - it's called Feisty Blonde. It is surprisingly heavy for it being a blonde with its 8.27% ABV. I'm a new brewer and don't know much in the way of developing a...
  14. blacklabel8829

    First Time Vanilla Use, What Happened?

    Hello, I finally decided to try some adjuncts with my last brew (a Nut Brown). I chopped and scraped 2 vanilla beans, soaked them in vodka for a week, added all of it to primary, and let is it for another week. At bottling it smelled strongly of vanilla and tasted medium to medium-high on the...
  15. DesertPunk1981

    New to Forums: Looking for a few recipes

    I'm sorry if these have been posted elsewhere, I will be looking out for them, but if you have the Extract Recipes for the following, would you please paste them below. Thanks!:rockin: Oskar Blues: Old Chub Dos Equis: XX Amber Corona "Some sort of Almond Vanilla Porter" Thanks guys...
  16. stromam

    Orange Dreamsicle Experiment

    Hey everyone, I have a little experiment in mind and would love to get some second opinions. I just made up a 4 gallon batch of straight mead, just honey, water, nutrient and yeast, OG 1.070. I plan on splitting it into 4 one gallons after primary is done. I know what I'm going to do...
  17. bobapfel

    Vanilla Blonde - help?

    Hi, first time i've actually tried to make a recipe, and it's for a friend who wants a "vanilla oatmeal blonde, with at least 5% abv". He also wants it on the less bitter side. Will this recipe need more bittering hops, so as to balance the maltiness/sweetness? Different hops/grains/yeast? I...