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  1. bkboiler

    Stainless Mug Makes My Beer Go Flat

    Just got a new Stanley vacuum insulated stainless "stein". Really great mug: plenty large, keeps things cold for a REALLY long time, durable, dishwasher safe... But one thing, the surface roughness inside the cup is so high my BEER GOES FLAT really fast! Anybody else experience this or is it...
  2. devils4ever

    Just Bought a Vacuum Sealer: Tips, Tricks, etc.

    I just bought myself a (FoodSaver FM2435) Vacuum Sealer as an early Christmas present. I plan on using it for long term storage of hops and grains--as well as general kitchen use--since I have lots of small quantities of hops in ZipLoc bags in my freezer and lots of small quantities of specialty...