Stainless Mug Makes My Beer Go Flat

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Nov 2, 2015
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San Diego
Just got a new Stanley vacuum insulated stainless "stein". Really great mug: plenty large, keeps things cold for a REALLY long time, durable, dishwasher safe...

But one thing, the surface roughness inside the cup is so high my BEER GOES FLAT really fast!

Anybody else experience this or is it all in my head?
The rough spots are what's known as nucleation points. Nucleation points knock out the carbonation bubble that are in solution, so they can escape. Apparently all your carbonation is escaping.
I have a Yeti stainless steel cup. It’s quite smooth on the inside. I’ve only put beer in it a few times, but haven’t noticed that the beer lost carbonation quickly.

I’m told that cup will keep beer cold for over an hour, but it only holds 20 oz, so I wouldn’t know...
I have several stainless 2x-insulated mugs over the last few years as my backyard and camping beer mug. No issues from flat beer from any mug related issues. Very smooth inside. I'm wondering if you have hard water spots on your mug?
Good question...
I got a picture right next to the weld line.

My Stanley beer mug and coffee travel cups by Contigo, rubbermade and Zaak! all have the same texture inside from the factory.

I think I may get some high grit sandpaper and wet sand it by hand until the same polish as the exterior. Thoughts?


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Think I got a better picture by adjusting the lighting, iso, exposure and white balance. Colors are off but hopefully it shows better...


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