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  1. DrGarbonzo

    Bottle dregs yeast harvest - success -Unibroue; Allagash

    While there appears to be some debate about the quality of Unibroue bottle fermented yeast dregs*, I had a successful fermentation using dregs from 4 or 5 bottles of their variety 6 pack (Maudite, Blanche, Trois Pistoles, Fin du Monde, others). While it did not end up with Belgian fruity...
  2. fredthecat

    Quebecois Style Belgian Ale

    Well... here's my first recipe I'm confident enought o post! I waited to see if it was any good after some flawed ones in the past and this is very exciting.. it is! It ended up tasting alot like unibroue's don de dieu unintentionally, to be honest I'm not sure why it has ended up with such a...
  3. J

    AHS Blanche De Chambly

    Hey there, I am somewhat new to brewing and am looking at a few of the AHS clones. Obviously, clones are always a little different, but I was wondering if anyone has brewed an AHS Blanche De Chambly? It's my favorite beer, so I'm interested to see how it turns out. I have seen some recipes...