tilt hydrometer

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  1. L

    Colorado Sold v1 Tilt Blue hydromenter--75 dollars

    Sold Updated: 1 v1 Tilt hydrometer for sale. A blue one which work perfectly; it just needs a new battery. Price: 75.00 and 5 dollars extra for shipping. Thank you, Joe
  2. Peptobismol165

    First Time All-Grain BIAB - Fermentation stuck TWICE?!

    Hello, I've started doing two BIAB recipes using allgrain. In the past, I've done BIAB with extract and specialty grain, and have consistently exceeded my target ABV. These last two BIAB's I've decided to try all grain with no extract. My issue is both my last brews have been severely UNDER...
  3. C

    Anyone using a Tilt hydrometer with a RIMs BIAB system?

    They say the tilt is good to 185 degress F. I was wondering if anyone has tried using it in a RIMs Biab system? My thought is if you reach your target or are no longer gaining gravity points you can stop and start your boil. thoughts?