sweet cider

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  1. Tadeusz Leliwa

    Low vs High alc tollerant yeast?

    Dear all, Sorry, newbie here. I slowly planning out to make a melomel/cyser that I want to make sweet and sparkly. I am thinking about something Safale US-05 or Lalvin 71B, as opposed to Tokay that I usually use (or Jack Mangrove M02) and aiming at 10-12% abv. Now, I know that I will have to...
  2. K

    pasteurization sediment

    So I filled my sweet cider in the bottles and started pasteurizing so that I would kill the yeast and stop fermentation. I gradually increase the water temperature untill i reach water of about 160F and the cider has a temp of about 152F. I was pasteurizing the sweet cider bottles in a 160F...