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  1. Beat

    Stop Scoby forming after bottleing

    I do a first fermentation with Hibiskus Tea, and then a second fermentation fresh fruits. After this I‘m bottleing the Kombucha and cool it in the fridge. After some time there‘s a small Scoby back on the top. Thats normal I know, but my clients do not like this. Does anybody have an idea how...
  2. rgarcia128

    Reboil, cool and pitch yeast for a 2nd time

    So I brewed an American IPA. It went smoothly until the point the wort was cooled and I was transferring to primary fermenting bucket. See, I didn't use a grain bag, (i will never do that again) so the grains broke down to tiny particles. I used a colander and a strainer but they kept...