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  1. D

    Advice/opinions on size of a yeast starter

    Hello I am no stranger to making starters. Often when I bottle beer, I will pour off the yeast cake, and store it in mason jars that I have sterilized in boiling water. I then will decant and store in a fridge, then later when i want to use it, take a jar and make a 1L starter with about 100g...
  2. L

    Brew demon kit as Yeast starter

    So, little history, I have done some biab partial mash brews in the past. I also have a used brew demon kit and Mr beer kit laying around. Anyways, I have been cleaning out the garage and am looking into getting back into brewing, likely with an electric kettle such as brewzilla. Playing with...
  3. A

    How to determine if my Starter has enough cells?

    Greetings, My first post ahead of my first attempt at all grain. I have 2 packets of white labs liquid yeast (WLP830) delivered next day, but they were at room temperature for 2 days before I was able to get them into my fridge. The packaging date was 24-JAN-18, so as of this post they are...
  4. agezzi

    how much damn lme should be use in starter

    ok so im getting that i suck at math. does anyone know how much lme i should use for a 2l starter. all i find is lme threads on stater amounts. and ill b @#$% if i made one lastnight 1.5 liters and used 1 cup,damn thing was 1.060. i had to boil and cool more water. ended up at 1.037 wich im ok...