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  1. F

    Stuck kettle sour

    Ok, long story short-ish: I started a kettle sour a week ago. Pre-acidified to 4.2 pH (overshot a bit, target was 4.3). Pitched a year old pack of Omega Lacto at 90F, planned to let it roll over the weekend while I was away then finish the boil Monday. Well, pH only dropped to 3.8. I let it roll...
  2. S

    Kveik sugar head stalling at 1.06 gravity

    Okay I'm at the end of my rope here and surrounded by all kinds of confusion and frustration. I am trying to ferment a wash with Hornindal kveik because it supposedly can ferment nicely from a high OG and quite quickly. My recipe was: 5 gal water 1 tsp miso paste (yes weird but should provide...
  3. M

    Fermentetion stalled for monts

    I have got a batch of mead that’s driving me mad. I started it in December 2020. 23 liters (~5 gal), OG 1.110, temp 15° - 20°C (60-70F). I made a small starter of 1 liter of the wort, a packet of D47 yeast and a little nutrition. Two days later I added the starter to the original batch in the...
  4. B

    Beer fermentation slowing down half way

    I don’t know what to do as this has never happened to me. I’m fermenting a doppelbock (started 2/8/21) OG 1.080 and target 1.021. I did a two packet yeast starter with Servomyces pills. The graph above I made shows it’s slowing down way to fast. It’s about 50 seconds between bubbles. It’s at...
  5. Mizamook

    Advice Request: Russian Imperial Stout slow finish and Oak Aging

    Hallo! This might be my first post. But I've been enjoying your help while lurking in the shadows, so thanks! I've got me here one 5-gallon batch of Russian Imperial Stout, namely "Bear Chested Putin" extract/partial mash kit from Home Brew Stuff (my favorite supplier "brewing enabler"...
  6. C

    Worried about yet another stalled fermentation

    Okay so a little bit of background. A few months ago I made the switch over to BIAB as well as the switch to trying to use more liquid yeast for variety. One of my first beers was a blonde ale where I decanted my yeast starter. This beer has a very weird fermentation with little to no Krausen...
  7. I

    Help with high gravity Mead

    Hello all, hope you like my story, the question is at the end: I need some direction and advice, this is my 2nd batch of brewing ever. My first batch was a ~5gallon beer, turned out yummy. Now I was pressed by time to brew a wine from grapes I grew myself, so I thought since I only got about...
  8. R

    Cider stalling after Campden Tabs

    Hi everyone, long time lurker first time poster here. I pressed about four gallons of cider and prepared it following which I read about on here. Per their instructions I used 3 campden tabs (150 ppm) per gallon--which translated into 2.5 tabs as I am using...
  9. Lee Shephard

    Stalled fermentation

    Hi I just joined HBT . I am int he middle of brewing a “Northern brewer’ Block party Ale . It has been 4 days into fermentation and although I can see a ring of scum/froth around the top of the brew I haven’t once seen the airlock bubble . I was wondering if the fermentation may have stalled...
  10. bknifefight

    Stalled WYeast 3787. Suggestions?

    A few weeks ago I brewed up a Tripel with WYeast 3787. Here is my recipe: 9 lbs Extra Light DME 2 lbs Cane Sugar (I added it at the end of boil - no incremental feedings) 4 oz Saaz throughout Very simple recipe. I did a 1.75-2 liter starter on a stir plate as suggested by Mr Malty and...