solenoid valves

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  1. Jessee

    Solenoid Valve Wiring

    Hello, I’m looking at adding several solenoid valves to my existing cbpi setup through a relay board. Another user of cbpi recommended a 5-wire valve, which from what I understand provides wiring for indicator lights. What if I bypassed the indicators could I use a 2 or 3 wire setup? I know...
  2. javert

    Low gas flow from a solenoid valve.

    Hi, we're on the process of building a more automated rig for brewing. We acquired a solenoid valve to control the gas flow for an Anvil burner (45 000 btu). To our dismay, the gas flow is very low and flames coming from the burner are very small, like 1,5 cm height when the valve is opened to...