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  1. Rett03

    Don’t know why I keep getting lacto infections

    I am a new brewer and I have finished three beers and have a fourth in primary fermentation now. All of them tasted great before I bottled and primed, but when I open them two weeks later they’re mostly flat and sour. After the first one I figured I wasn’t sanitizing carefully enough so I...
  2. B

    Bottle: What's this and why won't it come off?

    So I cracked one of my Dubbels after 2 weeks carbonation to see how they're getting on. And after rinsing and shaking right after, oxi cleaner soak with brush inside after even attempted a dishwasher I can't get these marks off. It's like cloudy white specs but in rings then goes up with gaps...
  3. piojo

    How important is sanitation beyond buckets/bottles/hoses?

    Employees of some mushroom farms take serious precautions. Shower. Long sleeves. Face masks. Gloves. Long sleeves. No singing. Stationary, sanitized or sterile air. We don't need to use that abundance of care, since yeast can fight. Most of us carefully sanitize containers, bottles, and hoses...
  4. J

    Cleaning New Spike CF10 Before 1st Use

    As i anxiously await the arrival of my new Spike CF10 (TOMORROW!) - I'm wondering about cleaning and sanitizing before my first use. In all the excitement of the conical, temp control and other bells and whistles, I neglected to get a CIP ball. I don't want to let this thing sit idle any...
  5. DrumForHire

    Iodophor and BrewJacket

    Well, my BrewJacket just arrived today, and I'm excited to get my next brew going! Now, I know I have to use a method other than Star-San to sanitize the immersion rod. I was originally thinking of just boiling the rod with the wort, but I'm now thinking that it might just be too unwieldy of a...
  6. M

    Peach Melomel First Time Recipe

    Hello All, I wanted to share this peach melomel/recipe process. It is my first attempt at making a melomel (my experience has been in brewing and at winemaking). So, after much reading, I decided to not heat my honey. However, coming from a wine making background and the fact that I added...
  7. SaladDaze


    Hi all, Getting back into home brewing after a few years on hiatus. I can't seem to remember the proper way to sanitize my equipment. In the last month I've brewed a couple small batches of cider and my process is to rinse with a sani-brew mixture then rinse thoroughly with tap water. This...