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  1. Beerisgud

    Homemade Sake + Making Koji Rice

    Hey guys, I decided to give making sake a try and document it to reference for future batches, learn along the way, and maybe help others get a start. I really enjoy the taste of the drink and hope to make this a routine in the wintertime like they do in Japan. It’s all about temperature...
  2. J

    Brewing Sake for Beginners

    Hello everyone! Sake is a delicious drink that is drenched in history, strict tradition and touted as having a process that is riddled with complicated steps that is hard to follow. This makes good traditional Sake making a hard brew hobby to get into. I want to help you dive into the process...
  3. D

    Old Rice Wine Recipe Thin on Details

    I got this recipe from my father. I made it with him more than 25 years ago. I decided to make a 1/3 batch since I've got nothing but free time. I'm fermenting in a ceramic crock with a dish towel tied across the top. For the first couple weeks this was cloudy, smelled wonderful and bubbled...
  4. hollabes1

    Rice Steamer for Sake

    I'm hoping to dip my toes into sake brewing (in a big way). This seems like great instructions for the sake process: https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/how-to-brew/make-sake-home/ The recipe states that you need a steamer that can steam 15 lbs of rice at once in 2 levels. Does anyone have...
  5. D

    Dry or soaked koji for rice wine

    I'm about to make rice wine by mixing koji to steamed rice. I bought koji in the form of this rice that already contains koji. I still can't figure out if I have to mix dry koji to steamed rice of if I have to soak the koji first. Thanks
  6. M

    Makgeolli (makkoli, magkolli, etc) help... Is my batch contanimated?

    This is my second attempt at making makgeolli (my first being like 4 or 5 years ago). On my first batch the rice separated nicely into three layers in the jar while fermenting. At the top there was rice, followed by a cloudy layer of water on top of another layer of rice at the bottom. Pieces of...