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  1. T

    REX-C100 in Brew in Basket setup overshoots

    I recently moved from a cloth bag for my eBIAB setup to a stainless mash basket. In my last brew day, I noticed the kettle overshoots significantly (more than 5C). I think this might have to do with the basket causing less circulation in the kettle, but I'm not sure. Maybe it's something to do...
  2. JK29

    Rex-C100 PID - CKC Tinner - Troubleshooting

    What's up Beer guys! I'm a custom knifemaker... and I'm finding out that you guys have a community that is well versed in operating PID controllers! I'm acurrently using this RexC100 to operate my tempering oven. I'm hoping you guys could help me out with the settings to get it operating in a...