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  1. B

    BierBot - Raspberry Pi powered beer brewing Software

    Dear US brewing enthusiasts, back in 2014 I tried to start a company and sell "BierBots". After selling 30 units and reaching "brake even" the market was saturated, so I closed the company again. Today, after finishing my education I finally found time to wrap everything up and post it on...
  2. muhteeus

    muh's Fermentrack\BrewPi Remix Build

    Decided to convert the old fermentation deep freeze from STC-1000 to a IoT web enabled thing. I am using the BrewPi Remix firmware for the arduino and Fermentrack on the front-end for the pi. Most of the parts were leftovers from an old project, but I will still link what I used. Parts: 1 -...
  3. jangevaa

    Node-RED for Raspberry pi-based brewery control

    I've mentioned this in a few comments on HBT I think. I started using Strangebrew elsinore for a few years until development stopped, then Craftbeerpi until development stopped (and wrote some plugins along the way). For the last year or so I've been blazing my own path using Node-RED for my...
  4. SmokeyRydr

    Tap Displays: Raspberry Pints, TapList.io, etc.

    What's your favorite digital tap list? What have you tried and didn't like? I've got an extra monitor w/ Raspberry Pi and want to setup a tap display on my kegerator. I tried Taplist.io and it works fine (example below), but the layout options are very basic and lacks any integration with my...
  5. MaxTheSpy

    Electronic Mead Brewing Setup

    I started an electronic mead brewing setup, I hope you all like it or can adapt it to what you need. I think it will be amazing and keep the quality up on the mead because you won't have to draw a sample from the carboy in order to read the SG, Just use tilt! Hardware Raspberry Pi B3+ RpI 7"...